Friday, March 11, 2011

Audrey the Angel

Audrey the Angel

Dansea the Dolphin

Dansea the Dolphin

Rut the Turtle

Rut the Turtle

Merna the Mermaid

Merna the Mermaid

Roh the Horse

Roh the Horse Candle Holder

Don the Deer

Don the Deer

Bill the Bear

Bill the Bear Candle Holder 4" x4" x 1/4"thick.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Roh The Horse

Roh the Horse ; Roh has been with the E-erts for a long time. They respect Rohs love ,devotion, and loyalty that she brings. The stamina, mobility, strength, and power has always been a very important part to the E-erts. They use her to take messages to other E-erts in other parts of the world.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Rut the Turtle

Rut the Turtle ; He is the HUSH calender. There are 13 segments on the back of the turtle. They represent the 13 moons that make up a lunar year. There are also 28 smaller segments around the lower edge of the shell, which represent the 28 days between new moons.

Parsley the Pelican

Parsley the Pelican ; Pelicans are large birds with an enormous pouched bill and long wings. Likes to fish with his other pelican friends. Is both friend of the HUSH and E-Erts. He takes and delivers messages to both.The animal postal service.

Bill the Bear

Bill the Bear ; Bill is blessed with a giant heart and generosity. Bill can help guide your spirit with his great Strength, Power, and Leadership.

Wolf Spirit Animal

Wolf Spirit Animal ; A great teacher. Has an inborn instinct and the ablility to understand or know something immediately. Trusts their desisions. Has strong social and family values. Uses the ability to pass unseen , outwitting its enemies.

Deer Spirit Animal

Deer Spirit Animal ; A gentle listener with grace. Knows how to survive by blending into the surroundings. Alert & knows how to avoid danger. Acute sense of sight & hearing Puts needs of others first. Strong sense of family is loyal loving & accepting

Trout Spirit Animal

Trout Spirit Animal: Tireless in the pursuit of a noble cause. Has a balanced & Calming effect on others. Lives without judgement. Determined, persistent, and a good fighter in what they believe in...

Bear Spirit Animal

Bear Spirit Animal ; Quieter during the winter months. Awakens during the Spring to seek new opportunities. Fearless in standing up for what they believe in. Has a strong heart and unwavering will. An independent thinker. Self-Sufficient. Beware of temper.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

changed web host

Hey, We have changed our web host and the site might be down for a day or two until the new host picks it up. If you have any questions or wish to purchase something please call David at 828-284-6482 or better yet e-mail the old man at . Thanks and hope to hear from you soon...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

20 Years ago Today

20 Years ago Today 20 years ago today Sargent Pepper taught the band how to play. Naw, that's not it. 20 years ago today I married my beautiful wife, Cathy Cavanaugh. She saw through the crutches and the disability and took a chance. Still together and still in love.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cold Call for the Disabled

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Angel Wings Art Gallery Open today

Hey, We went to Bele Chere yesterday and it was such a BUMMER, we decided time spent in the studio/gallery was better served. So, Angel Wings Art Gallery is opened 07-24-2010 from 10-4:30. Stop on by and check out the excellent art of Cathy & David Krafcik.